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Busy Office

Pro Office Assist, a leading virtual admin and personal assistance service centre

Are you rushed off your feet and struggling to cope?

Are your doing more office admin over business growth?

Do you feel stressed with your work level demand?


Pro Office Assist was founded out of our personal experience as busy entrepreneurs, to ensure that incoming call enquiries were never missed. It was important however, that our business calls were handled by a well-mannered, well spoken, and professional person, who the cost of hiring, would not break the bank!


Having created a tried and tested solution for ourselves, it dawned on us that others could benefit from this service. People who are time poor and don’t realise it, or are constrained by the cost and complexity of UK employment laws.


Pro Office Support therefore has been founded for YOU, to help you run your business without missing calls or opportunities whilst at the same time, creating time and head space for YOU to spend your energy more effectively.


Pro Office is an internationally based organisation which means you can outsource your work without the need to employ someone full time. We will provide you with a UK telephone number, so that clients see you are local, but the call will be handled internationally with excellent call quality.

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Pro Office Assist specializes in streamlining administrative tasks, freeing up your time to focus on core business activities. Our expert virtual assistants excel in:

  • Call and Email handling

  • Audio Typing, Administrative Assistance

  • Data Entry and Research

  • Social Media Management

  • Customer Support as well as Bookkeeping and Invoice Followup





The Prices range from £400 to £1000 for Executive Administrative services

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▪ Never Miss Another Call, Opportunity or Enquiry Again

▪ Ditch the One-Man-Band image

▪ Present your company more professionally with a UK landline

▪ Free yourself to becoming More Productive

▪ Free yourself to work ON your Business rather than IN it

▪ Reduce Stress in your life!

▪ Reduce the costs and complexity of employing locally

▪ Help support job opportunities for individuals is growing economies

▪ Flexibility to cancel at any time


Our Clients Say

  • Within 2 weeks of working with you, and the services are brilliant.

  • Tika has been great, responsive, and gives feedback.

  • I have someone who is also considering working with Pro Office Assist.

  • So far so good, I am happy with the services.

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